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Logo Requirements For Custom Print

Logo requirements and setup process You can help us achieve a professional looking print on your wallplate. Here’s how: Supply quality logo material A logo in high definition, minimum 300 dpi is preferable. A version of your company logo that is used on your website is not sufficient. Submit logo in any format (vector based […]

Smart Connect Your Home Entertainment System

Time to smart-connect your home entertainment system. You have the best entertainment system set up at home. If you’re lucky, it may include the latest ultra high-definition, high dynamic range smart OLED TV. While the front is a pleasure to look at, the back is probably a different story. Why not organise your fab equipment […]


Interactive Whiteboard Wallplates

In order to operate an Interactive Whiteboard in a school or office, it is important to properly connect a laptop or desktop computer. At Kidigital, we design, manufacture and assemble AV wallplates to be used for just this purpose. In their simplest form, many Interactive Whiteboards require at least one video connection (usually VGA or HDMI) […]

5 Great Reasons To Put Your Logo On A Wallplate

Printing your logo or website onto a wallplate has many benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have your logo printed onto a customised wallplate. Professional promotion for your company Wallplate logos are a professional way to get brand name recognition. You decide how discrete you would like your logo to be. […]